Patti was born and raised in Eau Claire Wisconsin. Her daddy was a truck driver and

invested heavily in real estate. Her mother was a furrier designer with her own at home


Inspired by her parents to generate her talents in art, design and sewing, Patti began selling her paintings at the age of thirteen. She amassed quite a reputation in Eau Claire and had constant work up to the time she married and moved to Florida with her husband David, after college graduation. (Wis. State University, Eau Claire)

Patti studied to be an art teacher (no one was surprised). It didn't actually put groceries on the table until the 1980's when she got a art instructor position at Kenai High School in Kenai Alaska. That lasted about three years then she was off to open her own art gallery in Girdwood Alaska called the Chalet Gallery.  After five years of selling mainly to the tourist market, the adventurous mindset of this artist took her and her husband to Connecticut. He was employed as an actor in many roles in various movies, as Patti opened her own graphic design studio in Waterbury Connecticut. She continued there many years in conjunction to having  three professorships. She taught at the University of Bridgeport for one year. She was recommended to the University of New Haven and stayed for thirteen years. Later Patti was asked to join the staff at St. Vincent's College in Bridgeport Connecticut. She was there for ten years.

There was something better coming!

Her ministry began in 1999--much to her surprise, and it is still going strong today after more than two decades. Patti Dahl at first, wasn't really convinced she could sing!  She has produced fourteen record projects in the genre of country/blues gospel.


MISSION:  To see people transformed spiritually, emotionally and physically by the love and power of the holy spirit. That all believers would be equipped to bring a full manifestation from heaven to earth. Patti also desires to write gospel music that has the power to lead the lost into the truth of Jesus Christ through exhortation.

Heartsong's accomplishments have been

extensive throughout a two decade existence. In 2011 this ministry was signed by Priddis Music/Prosound group. This great opportunity opened doors for Heartsong that no man could shut. Heartsong has 14 projects out to date!

2006 marked a great year with a hit song on the country playlist in Weisbaden Germany on Country Juke Radio.

Patti Dahl received crudentials as a licensed evangelist in 2004 from Anchor Bay Evangelistic Association.

She currently holds the position of Elder for the state of Connecticut for the Gospel Ministerial Alliance, a well respected national organization for pastors and affiliate churches out of Brady Texas.

Patti Dahl has ordained several pastors over the few years as residing elder for the GMA.


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