MISSION:  To see people transformed spiritually, emotionally and physically by the love and power of the holy spirit. That all believers would be equipped to bring a full manifestation from heaven to earth. Patti also desires to write gospel music that has the power to lead the lost into the truth of Jesus Christ through exhortation.

Heartsong's accomplishments have been

extensive throughout a two decade existence. In 2011 this ministry was signed by Priddis Music/Prosound group. This great opportunity opened doors for Heartsong that no man could shut. Heartsong has 14 projects out to date!

2006 marked a great year with a hit song on the country playlist in Weisbaden Germany on Country Juke Radio.

Patti Dahl received crudentials as a licensed evangelist in 2004 from Anchor Bay Evangelistic Association.

She currently holds the position of Elder for the state of Connecticut for the Gospel Ministerial Alliance, a well respected national organization for pastors and affiliate churches out of Brady Texas.

Patti Dahl has ordained several pastors over the few years as residing elder for the GMA.

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