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Living Waters Assembly of God

in Greenfield Ma wrote :

'What a great anointed personal soul-touching service today it was! Everyone wanted Patti to just continue singing, preaching, and ministering. Thanks so much for coming.

Memories have been stored!

I highly recommend Patti Dahl as she will be a blessing to your church and  congregation! She came to Christian Assembly for the first time with several handwritten pages. She asked me to see if I wanted her to read it to  my congregation. I was apprehensive at first until I read each page. Our church was facing some difficult situations among our leadership. She gave the specifics about the situation and some of what was to come. Patti had no foreknowledge about any of  this.  I had her read it to the congregation that morning for sure! I put what she wrote on my home office wall and the things  came to pass over the course of several months! She truly hears God's voice.

Dr. Robert Burge

Christian Assembly Church

Frankfort, NY

Patti Dahl is the most accurate prophet I have ever been blessed to receive prayer from. Some of the so-called BIG GUNS in the past have prayed over me  and they never have come close to her percision!

Bonnie McAllister Proper- The Bridge Church

Schnectady NY 2015

If your church is desiring a HOLY GHOST JUMP START, you may want to consider booking HEARTSONG, a truly humble and very unique ministry appointed by the Father. They encourage the body of Christ to participate in the last days ministries on the earth utilizing the individual anointing that the HOLY ONE has endowed every believer with. 1 John 2:20.

What a fantastic service! Patti Dahl and Dee Eggert, otherwise known as HEARTSONG, blessed a nearly packed house with thier special blend of worship music and prayer. Patti presented a timely message prompting the church body to rise up and take the promises of God by dispossessing the enemy! Thanks be to God as we all left looking up, poised and ready to move from where we are to where the Lord wants us to be.

Pastor Ed Womelsdorf

Faith Bible Chapel of Litchfield Ct

Jan19, 2014

We want to thank Patti and Dee from HEARTSONG. Our

little daughter was demon posessed and we never knew what she might do. We watched her 24/7 and had help for her and medication but nothing helped. Last week a 

local youth pastor came and said he could help. He had a computer with him and he played Heartsongs song LITTLE FOXES  "kick em out kick em out"from the Miracle Camp Meeting in America. 

Instantly she started shaking and the demons fled and she has been delivered ever since. Thank you and God Bless you and your ministry. We love you!

Love the Bantagars from Jamaica

July 19- 2013


God moves very powerful! We missed hearing
Pastor Don preach. At first the praise did not do anything, but we enjoyed the music very much. Then Patti Dahl and Dee Eggert sang the song 'LITTLE FOXES'...kick em out kick em out , and the spirit falls and everyone received miracles and healings! The blind could see, wheelchairs were emptied out, people lay under the power for two hours. It was awesome! Thank you and God bless you all! 
Pastor Spardel from South Africa
Reigning Miracles live telecast, Cortland NY
Our church thoroughly enjoyed Heartsong's music and ministry  while they were here. Not only do they have tremendous harmonies between them, but there is a harmony with the Holy Ghost that produces a timely word for individuals as well as the church!
Rev. Dann Travis, Sr. Pastor of Crossroads of Life Church Binghamton NY


Heartsong Singers are fantastic with their message. They recently performed in our church here in New Jersey. We were all very impressed. Our 13 year old had a life changing experience. She plays your CD everyday and now wants to play the guitar. She checks your site for when youll be in the area.
Barry Clark, Hightstown NJ

Heartsong visited our church in May 2012, and the music and fellowship was GREAT! Patti Dahl brought a highly detailed prophetic message to our assembly. Patti is concerned always about her accuracy of the prophetic. Everyone spoke after the service and said that Patti 'hit the nail on the head' with her word of knowledge gifting! I find that when a servant of God is humble and seeking HIS will and not leaning on thier own understanding, the lord Jesus will move through us to touch lives.
Pastor Mitch Scharoff, Amazing Grace Church
Enfield , Ct.

During the first visit  Heartsong came to Twin Bridges Pentecostal Church, Patti Dahl gave a word of prophecy concerning the church and to the pastor and his wife. Within just a few weeks the prophecy was fulfilled! Patti Dahl has shown herself to be very respectful of pastoral leadership and authority. We have confidence in her giftings and ministry, and do not hesitate to recommend Patti Dahl of Heartsong to the body of Christ. 
Jerald Hubbad, Senior Pastor
Twin Bridges Pentecostal Church
Harrison, Maine

Stroudsburg Chapter Aglow Lighthouse is blessed to have Patti Dahl and Heartsong at many of our chapter meetings. Not only is their toe tapping music a delight, but there are reports of healings and deliverances following thier personal testimonies and prayer. 
Elaine Adams. president
Women's Aglow
Stroudsburg PA

Patti Dahl was a customer at my Christian bookstore
and she also ministered at my church several times.
I loved having her come. They were some of the best
meetings we had. Lots of great music and the gifts
of the holy spirit flowed so wonderfully!
Ray Primus
Hollywood, California
June 19, 2015
Praise God for the wonderful concert from Heartsong.  It was awesome and blessed our churches and we saw healings and peace filled hearts.  It was so refreshing. It was a great word Patti Dahl had for your church. It gives us direction how to pray for you.
Love Mary from Kenya.
Reigning Miracles live telecast, Cortland NY
April 14, 2013

Butch from Mississippi went on to report that when Heartsong sang 'LITTLE FOXES' song, He got his miracle! Butch had been blind for five years and now HE CAN SEE!!! A friend told him about Reigning Miracles Televised services and it was the first time he watched and God moved in his behalf! Praise the Lord! God is so good!
We know reports will keep flooding in!
Love Brother David
Reigning Miracles live telecast, Cortland Ny
April 14, 2013

Good morning to all our friends from all over the world! It is a very nice day on the east coast. 
Heartsong was very good and we enjoyed them very much. We had reports of healings as people listened.
Love Tom, Sue, and the gang from Maine
Reigning Mirales live telecast, Cortland NY
April 14, 2013

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